Evry Heart Beats True

Ev'ry Heart Beats True overview

Ev'ry Heart Beats True is an ongoing design project by Tim Gengler built on enthusiasm for learning about United States history, with an aim toward generating togetherness.

"Ev'ry Heart Beats True" derives from a lyric of George M. Cohan's magnificent patriotic march "You're a Grand Old Flag."

Questions about an order?
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Are these based on official flags?
Many of the designs are based on enduring real-life heirlooms, but they are not "official." The First Flag Resolution (June 14, 1777) describes "13 stars, white in a blue field representing a new constellation," without specifying the stars' shape or pattern. Given this and the handmade nature of early flags, designs featured are only examples of potential arrangements.
*14-, 16-, 17-, 18-, 19-, 22-, 39-, 40-, 41-, 42-, and 47-Star flags were not officially mandated but are nonetheless considered legal United States flags to be similarly regarded.

Why are the star points slightly wedge-shaped?
As a unique element of this project, with admiration for the hand-cut stars sometimes sewn onto early flags, the stars used feature rising cuneate peaks for a subtle "hand-cut" styling.


Are other t-shirt colors available?
Yes, designs are available on a variety of colors beyond the traditional white stars on a blue canton of the American flag. Please click a design's "Buying Options" button for more. Special Edition designs offer additional color combinations.

Are these t-shirts made in the USA?
Purchases are manufactured on-demand by RedBubble, which has a San Francisco, CA headquarters and assures that all US orders are printed in the USA. Depending on your product choice, the base garment is likely to be from one of several Asian countries, with RedBubble guaranteeing that all apparel is ethically-sourced.

Are other products available?
Yes, please click a design's "Buying Options" button to explore available products, including pillows, mugs, and tote bags.

Flag Etiquette

Does flag etiquette apply to a t-shirt?
Although these are not flags, this project is intended as respectful and celebratory; please try to regard any Ev'ry Heart Beats True product the way you might a flag patch or pin.

Additional Notes

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Fonts used for Ev'ry Heart Beats True include:
Baskerville - As approved of by founding father and prolific publisher Benjamin Franklin
Franklin - Named in honor of Benjamin Franklin, designed by American Type Founders' Morris Fuller Benton
With appreciation to Impallari Type for Libre Baskerville and Libre Franklin, via Google Fonts

Homepage stock photos are courtesy of the talented photographers contributing to Unsplash:
13-Star Quincunx base photos thanks to Jordan Bauer and Jamie Street
16-Star Tennessee base photos thanks to Eduardo Dutra and Emma Frances Logan
Text Heart base photo thanks to Mi Pham
38-Star Colorado base photo thanks to Mitch Walker
13-Star 5–3–5 base photo thanks to Jamakassi
27-Star Florida base photo thanks to Mohammad Faruque
18-Star Louisiana base photo thanks to Tamarcus Brown
Heart Flag base photos thanks to Brooke Cagle and Erda Estremera
13-Star Cowpens base photo thanks to Eduardo Dutra
13-Star 4–5–4 base photo thanks to Clay Banks
48-Star Arizona base photo thanks to Candice Picard
14-Star Vermont base photo thanks to Allef Vinicius
42-Star Washington base photos thanks to Reinaldo Kevin and Max Delsid
21-Star Illinois base photo thanks to Dana Jm
Ev'ry Heart Beats True Slogan base photo thanks to Jamakassi
Stars and Stripes base photo thanks to Emir Saldierna