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40-Star American Flag T-Shirt
40 Stars

40-Star American Flag T-Shirt

Celebrating South Dakota's statehood

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Dark Teal on White

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40-State South Dakota Map * modern state placement
** wildly inaccurate Hawai‘i placement
*** Alaska size / placement not even close
More about the 40-Star American Flag
State Added:
South Dakota
November 2, 1889
Capital of South Dakota:

Best Dakota, according to a South Dakotan:

South Dakota

Official state fossil of South Dakota:


Official state bread of South Dakota:

Fry bread

Best place to admire granite carved into the shape of Abraham Lincoln:

Mount Rushmore

*Please note, President Benjamin Harrison signed South Dakota and North Dakota into statehood on the same day, reportedly making a deliberate effort to not know the order in which he signed. By virtue of alphabetical order, South Dakota is commonly accepted as the 40th state, with North Dakota as 39.

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